Ibu Saku Single Blanket – ideal for children

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Ibu Saku – 150cm x 140cm Single Blanket with 90 pockets for easy configuration



Our newest addition is the Ibu Saku Single Blanket.  “Saku” – Indonesian word for Pockets….that’s what this blanket has. Constructed in one piece with 90 pockets.  Perfect for children because it allows configuration and is versatile so that you can choose the placement of weight.

The Ibu Saku comes with the cover of your choice but with no weights. Each child will need a different amount of weight.  Order separately on website.

Unlike other Weighted Blankets which are completely moulded in one piece, this Blanket is designed to add or subtract weight when needed and grow with your child. You will only need to order one blanket and if more weight is needed you order in kg bundles. When fully populated it is 11.25kgs in weight.

Each pocket has 3 fasteners to keep the weight in.

Safe and secure because the whole blanket can be encased in its own cover and fastened all around the edges to keep it stable and hygenic.  The Ibu Saku comes with its own cover and can be custom made from 100% white/grey cotton.  There is also a choice of coloured Poplin that can be enhanced with a range of trims.

We can also fashion cover in 100% cotton Ethnic Pacifica handprinted fabrics.  The covers will be made with the pattern on the front and 100% white cotton on the back.

For those wanting to enhance your child’s bed and add some story magic to the Ibu Saku’s cover – see our Ashley Wilde Roald Dahl Fantabulous fabric range, featuring The Fantastic Mr Fox, Esio Trot, Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, Matilda, The Twits, James & the Giant Peach and many more…  This range of fabric is so much fun and will give your child so much pleasure. These covers are also made with the Story on the front of the cover and the option of 100% Grey or White cotton on the back.  The Grey Cotton is an Egyptian cotton and is a tad more expensive.

The difference that makes the IBU Blanket so versatile and the preferred Weighted Modality.

1. Constructed in 100% cotton

2. The weight is not sewn in.

3. Allows a person with respiratory problems to insert weight away from their respiratory system.

4. Weights can be placed where it’s most needed and customised by the individual to their needs on any given day.

5. Choice of fabric for the outer cover.

6. Bespoke to fit any bed size.

7. Blanket for Life. Once you have the Ibu the only other expense over time would be more weight sacks as your child gets older …and if you wish to have another cover.

8. Lifetime guarantee on workmanship.

9. Every part of the IBU can be washed in your domestic Washing Machine.

10. Can be taken on holiday with you. Weight sacks are removable. Allowing the IBU to be packed like a normal garment.

See the assorted colour ways in Poplin in the product gallery.

See the slider for some of the stories available in 100% cotton.

If you have something in mind that you would like and require confirmation of shipping costs please  contact us.   We just love design.

Roald Dahl Fantabulous Fabric Range

Fits a single bed and measures 150cm x 140cm.

The Ibu Saku is made from 100% cotton .  This is a natural fabric so care is needed when washing it.    Download your washing instructions here. Washing and Care Instructions – Ibu Saku

NB:After you have downloaded the washing instructions hit the Back button to keep you in the website.



4 reviews for Ibu Saku Single Blanket – ideal for children

  1. Aruna Hill

    We ordered this blanket for our 9 year old son to help ensue the most effective rest and sleep possible after he suffered a stroke. The blanket arrived 4 weeks ago and I was immediately amazed at the quality of the product.
    Our son loves his blanket. Everyone he has come in contact with since using the blanket has commented on how happy and contented he looks. He now manages to do full days at school as well as maintain his rehabilitation schedule.

  2. Liz O’Callaghan

    I received an Ibu weighted blanket for a gift and I absolutely love it. The blanket is so beautiful and well made. The fabric is so soft and natural.
    From the very first time I used it, it offered me a soothing, calming, deep pressure therapy that helped me relax. It’s also great for helping me sleep. My blanket came with weights that were approximately 10% of my body weight which was perfect.
    Thank you so much for your product. I’m not quite sure what I would do without one now.

  3. Angela

    We ordered a weighted blanket for our 5 year old son who is very active and finds it difficult to wind down at bedtime and often woke through the night. He loves the dinosaur print and is sleeping really well since using the blanket, he now sleeps all night in his bed. Thank you!

  4. Ruthie Mc Grath

    This year hubby and I welcomed a 10 year old Foster child into our home. We quickly learned that he needed help to settle and calm at bedtime. We hoped it would allow him to sleep during the night as he was very restless. I looked around at different designs and then remember my friend Felise made them, so I made contact. After chatting to Felise and sharing with friends, we raised enough money to buy one for our lad. This gift from our friends and family has been such a blessing of love. Not only does he now sleep through the night but it allows him the quality of sleep due the weighted design. It really is amazing. Our young lad loves it. He also takes it with him when away over night or weekend respite care. He loves it and so do we.

    This blanket is beautifully made with each of the weights individually made as well. The way the weights then fit into the blanket and then the outer cover attached is really quite something.

    It has been a life saver for all of us. Its like he is receiving hugs during the night. Knowing this, we sleep more peacefully too.

    Thank you so much!
    Much Love

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