Discover the advantages of having weighted blankets in your home, with Ibu Comfort Blankets.

Great attitude this woman has.

This is a fascinating video to watch and to learn what actually happens if you don't get enough sleep.  

Dinos with assorted pompom trims for sensory exploration through touch - not to mention the splash of colour to brighten your child's room. (100% cotton) Roald Dahl's storytime fabrics in 100% cotton Availability Dino fabric  -  3 covers of 150 x 140cm in the  Ibu Saku weighted blankets. Roald Dahl Fabrics - exclusive - 1 [...]

An athlete relies on many different factors for creating success, such as diet, strength training and practice.   Reaction Time One area of athletic performance that can be affected by not enough sleep is overall reaction time. However reaction time performance can also be affected if small amounts of sleep are lost over time - [...]

When the body slows down, the mental activity of racing thoughts can also slow down*. This sets up the necessary conditions for either solving problems in a relaxed state**, or drifting off to sleep. This effect comes from the experience of deep pressure touch that “helps the body relax. Like a firm hug, weighted blankets [...]