Washing and Care Instructions – Ibu Saku

Washing and Care Instructions - Ibu Saku

Care & Washing Instructions – Ibu Saku
Congratulations you have chosen your very own personalised Ibu – I am your little sandman and I look forward to helping you to relax and/or get a good night’s sleep.
You do not have to be gentle with me I have been crafted very well.
If I get dirty – rip me apart and put me in the washing machine on a Cold
Permanent Press Cycle
I am made of 100% cotton and I DO NOT like Hot water. I shrink if I am washed in
Hot Water.
Manufacturer’s note on care of 100% cotton:
Cotton, while not an animal fabric, is a natural one and can therefore present certain challenges when trying to prevent shrinkage. Cotton shrinks because of the tension that is applied to its yarn and fabrics during the construction of the clothing. The tension is released by heat from the washer, dryer, steam and even sunlight, which causes the fabric to be reduced to its natural size. This is why most cotton clothing will shrink during its first washing. The best way to avoid shrinkage is to wash them by hand or to use cold water and the delicate cycle of your washing machine. Ideally, products that are made of natural fibers should never see the inside of your dryer. If you must use the dryer for your cottons, use
the lowest heat setting possible.
If my cover becomes dirty, look for it’s washing instructions and follow them. Sometimes my cover is not 100% cotton, it may be Faux Fur, in which case please do not put it into the washing machine – so please check. If my cover is 100% cotton please refer to the Manufacturer’s note above. It will dry quickly on the clothes line/rack or over a chair in a warm room.
My Weights are also ,made out of 100% cotton & can also be washed in the washing machine but refer to the Manufacturer’s note on drying.
Should any of my stitching come apart –contact my maker on the Contact’s page on the website www.ibublanket.nz and she will make arrangements to stitch me up again.
I have a 12 month guarantee on my manufacturing and a 60 day money back guarantee if I am not working for you, but, I really would like to stay.
I really look forward to spending a looooooooooong time with you