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Welcome to the home of the Ibu Weighted Blanket. 

Why do people use a Weighted Blanket?  Generally, a Weighted Blanket is commonly used by people for some of the following reasons:-

Trouble sleeping | Sleep disturbance | Separation anxiety | Restless leg syndrome |Autism, ADD, ADHD | Tourettes disorder | Asberger’s syndrome | Stress | Anxiety | Busy Brain

The Weighted Blanket has been used to:

to self comfort 

self nurture

self organise to feel more aware

neutral warmth

to rest, help fall asleep, and stay sleep

to decrease stress and anxiety

and/or to feel a sense of safety and containment


How can a Weighted Blanket help you

In research with adult clients,  participants identified that the use of the Weighted Blanket often helped them to feel more safe.  They also reported they felt the following emotions

more calm

less stressed

cosy, grounded, warm


like being hugged

Many of the research participants also reported that the use of the Weighted Blanket, helped them to fall asleep and stay asleep.  This happened when individualised for their preferences.

Watch our video and see how a top athlete has benefited from his blanket. The Ibu Weighted Blanket gave him quality rest.   It made his job as a sportsman more efficient when on the field and also in his every day life.

“Sleep” is a very personal thing.  If you want to improve your rest and recovery it’s best to speak with an Ibu Consultant to identify whether an Ibu Blanket is right for you. 

Contact us for a trial Ibu Weighted blanket.  There will be a cost of $100 for rental of one week which is refundable when an order has been confirmed.

Please leave your details below, and we will give you a no obligation call to work out the best option for you. Help is just a call away.

New Product

Our newest product the Body Sox (Ibu Proprioceptive Aid ) for ADD, SPD, ADHD and Autism – is now available.

Take a tour around the website and get valuable information on how these products can help you and your family.



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